Friday, July 30, 2010

Vicky, Christina, Barcelona

" no, i just have to come face to face with the fact that i.. am not gifted, you know, i can appreciate art and i love music, but its sad really, because i feel like i have a lot to express and i am not gifted."

"we came so close to perfection, you and i."

"she dozed restively but awoke at the darkest hour."

"her whole world looked black and all her plans had come to nothing. she overdosed."

"she was already thinking of herself as a kind of ex patriot not smothered by what she believed to be americas puritanical and materialistic culture that she had little patience for. she saw herself more a european soul in tune with thinkers and artists she felt expressed her tragic romantic free thinking view of life."

"for a brief moment of passion she completely abandons all notions of responsibility"

"what do you want in life besides a man with the right shorts? i dont know, im not gunna settle till i find what im looking for. hmm, which is what? something different, something more, some kind of counter intuitive love. meaning he i dont know i dont know what i want i only know what i dont want"

"the evening is romantic, the night is warm and balmy, we are alive, isnt that meaning enough?"

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