Friday, July 23, 2010


she had forgotten how peaceful it was at night. she loved the blackness everywhere out there. when she took time to ignore her usual rituals. she climbed out her window just then with the grace of an elephant. she sat outside to smoke a cigarette. a guilty pleasure of hers. at first the darkness scared her. the absence of sound and light surrounding her as she sat alone. her and her burning cigarette. after a minute or two realizing how quiet it was. really listening to see. wind blowing gently through the air. an electronic humming from the porch light next door. every once in awhile the whoosh of a car engine accelerating down the highway at the end of the street. but that was it. she imagined some one calling her name from a shadowy and exceedingly dark corner nearby. she would start. feeling the rush of adrenaline start from her middle and grow hotter and more restless as it reached her otherwise relaxed arms and legs, till it got to her head making her dizzy. she whipped around to search for who or what called her out from their dark hiding place. assuming she would see nothing she untensed her appendages and stood quickly to find out who interrupted her moment of meditation. she turned her head then her body and walked tenderly toward the origin of the noise feeling her weight on her sensitive feet move from ball to heel as she pressed down on the asphalt driveway. gravel turned to grass as she walked around the corner of her house setting off the motion sensor light. a ridiculous amount of light flooded her dilated pupils shocking her and causing temporary blindness. not before she saw who had called her turn away and... blinded she missed the secondary movement. a moment later after regaining vision he was gone. no face. no recognition. no idea who it could have been other than that he was a he. and that he was gone. obviously agile and quick. she wasn't scared, more angry that he had not stayed to explain his presence. why was he here? why did he call my name? why did he run? most people would find this dangerous and odd. she did not. she felt safe and sure that whoever it was meant no harm. maybe she was stupid. she sensed that may be the case. this was obviously leading no where so she turned away clicking her teeth in response to her exceeding curiosity. walked around the corner to her bedroom window and climbed back through, with more tact than before. closed the screen, opened the curtains , and dropped into bed where she laid for sometime before falling into a dream.

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