Friday, July 23, 2010

a matter of TIMe

His jaw clenched down harder and his teeth sunk into her smooth warm neck as she breathed harder with pleasure. why does that make me want him so badly? she thought. not really a full thought, as a picture flying through her mind in the realm of thoughts your not really thinking, where only the natural est of questions reach the surface. he kissed her neck and she welcomed the slowing in a rush of feelings. she was enjoying this far too much. she wasn't thinking indifferently. she knew he wanted more and horrified she knew that so did she. before she could ruminate on her last thought he moved up to her mouth and but her bottom lip sucking all the blood to the surface. he lipped his hand slowly under the small of her back and pulled her up against him as he moved his hand up.he was on top of her now. her legs wrapped around him on either side slowly caressing his calves and thighs. he kissed her harder and pushed his weight on her pressing his pelvis into hers. something like cold diamond butterflies flew from the pit of her stomach out of her throat forcing her to gasp for air at the onslaught rush a feelings.

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