Friday, July 23, 2010


i hate you. even if you crawled back on your hands and knees. remorseful. used. jaded. i hope you die there on the ground. i hope you lose yourself. your spirits left to sleep. through that gaping hole in your black broken heart. you may think your happy now. you'll see even i can see from the outside now that your faking. its very hard to tell, only those who really know you can see it. its not all you. your gone. you've slipped away. you've slept. even i don't recognize who is left. you've got no voice. scream out to wake up from what you've done. don't follow the beat of that fucking drum. don't you know what you've lost? how great you were? how much he cost? i wont save you. fall into the deep darkness never to be forgave.

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