Friday, July 23, 2010

Short story - prism

She walked down the hallway growing nearer to freedom and further from the prison of class. she could hear voices growing louder, in her head or from the cafe down the hall she did not know. turning the corner at the end of the glossy hall a cafe laid out before her. coming into view she was above them, literally. she glanced quickly to her left, the bar stools were empty and she was not in line at the counter. she walked up to the edge of the stairs and looked around the room. soaking in the momentary attention she caught the eye of an attractive male in the booth right below her. somebody whispered, "they're not looking at you because your pretty, they're looking because you just walked in." her almost smile faded and she stepped down the stairs to look for Erica. as she reached the fifth and last stair, again she looked to her left along the wall underneath the bar. in the booth she spotted Erica. sitting back, perfect posture, more stunning than Leah had remembered, serene, and perfectly put together. reading something on the table in front of her. psych book probably. Leah walked over and a huge smile uncontrollably spread across her face. no matter how ugly or unnoticed she felt, she always had Erica. and no matter how beautiful Erica looked it never bothered her, because she got to walk up to her so everyone would know she was best friends with the stunner in the corner.

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